Top 10 Dating Tips

Initial meetings are normally best kept short – a coffee or early evening drink is probably best at a location that is convenient for both of you.

Our Top Ten tips for first dates:

1. Be Honest and Be Yourself: Nothing will turn someone off faster than a person who misleads.

2. Look your best – first impressions count and you only get one chance at making them.

3. Put yourself and your date at ease: A date is not an interview. Encourage casual conversation and banish nerves by admitting to them. Your date is likely to feel the same.

4. Listen actively: show interest in what your date is saying and offer your opinion on it. Allow your date the chance to respond. Don’t do all the talking.

5. Leave baggage behind: Don’t talk about your ex or past disappointments too much. Focus on the present and the possibilities your date offers.

6. Only take yourself on the date: Your family and job are important to you, but don’t let them dominate your date.

7. Be courteous: Always treat others as you would wish them to treat you. Do not be afraid to accept or offer praise. A simple thank you will go a long way. Turn off your phone during the date!

8. Send clear signals: If you do not want to meet again say so firmly but diplomatically. If you do want to meet again do not be afraid to say so. Never wait passively for your date to take the initiative. Leave the option of calling open both ways then, if your date doesn’t phone you can phone them. But beware of seeming too keen.

9. Don’t drink too much!

10. Most importantly: Have fun: Enjoy the experience, even if this date is not the one for you look for positives. People who are comfortable in their own skin and who enjoy their lives are truly irresistible and attract others who share this outlook.

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1 Response to Top 10 Dating Tips

  1. I like all of these advice tips but would supplement #1 as many will interpret being themselves as putting all of their sh*t on the table. There is a definite virtue in self-filterring. Best, JD

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